" My work captures a fleeting moment in time; a mood, an emotion, a feeling."

Karin is inspired by the rhythms and patterns of nature. Working in oils on canvas each painting begins with a color scheme that dictates the mood or expression of the painting. She works from her imagination to create works that invite the viewers participation in exploring the origins and locations of her pieces. It is this challenge that gives her work depth and an exciting sense of a present moment.

Karin Wexler grew up in Westport, Connecticut. She studied Art at The University of Vermont and The University of Connecticut where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree. She went on to graduate school in Art Education and has taught privately and in public school.

Karin is a certified Feng Shui Consultant and Healing Arts Practitioner with a practice serving Litchfield, Dutchess and Berkshire counties. She is available for private consultations for both individuals and businesses.  She also holds healing arts workshops for community organizations upon request. 

To learn more about Karin Wexler Feng Shui and Healing Arts services visit www.karinawexler.com or email her at kwex27@msn.com